Color Harmony wheel 



Finally, I'd been looking all over for a Munsell type color wheel. This is it, very well executed. A huge help to my newest learning endeavor - painting. I would consider this a must have for students and the experienced. If you want to test the validity, just use it to examine JWM Turner's colorful works!

It is great for picking out a color pattern. I know this will help especially when one just wants to select a limited color palette.

This color wheel is so handy and so very useful. It takes all the guesswork out of making color choices.

Especially like the paint colors around the wheel. Great for analogous color wheel.Great price for it. Buy it you'll like it.

This color wheel is simple and concise and the price is right. I have 4 different color wheels and this one is easier to use and shows the best examples of color harmony. The Service from this distributor really says they care about their product and customers.

I am happy with this Color Harmony Wheel.  It arrived much quicker than projected, which is always a good thing.  The wheel itself presents the color spectrum in much greater detail than a standard color wheel, plus it references the standard pigments for each shade.  I think it will be a great aid as I get back to painting.  Reasonable price and well made.  I highly recommend this to every artist.

Jill Ridder

5259 S. Elk Ridge Rd.

Evergreen, CO 80439